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Only at Dickerson's Mobile Truck Repair will you find the best combination of quality and price for truck repairs. As experts in heavy duty vehicles like trucks, trailers, and RVs, we provide information and advice to help you make the best decisions to keep your rig running smoothly. You can't go to just any regular auto repair shop for your truck, you need to go to a truck repair specialists.

When the customer understands what we’re trying to achieve, you can have peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice. We empower you with knowledge, and because you know better, we give you the best deal possible.

Please let us know what you want and we'll do our best to answer your demand. You won't find anyone better in Fernley, NV. We never stop working for your sake because we want you to choose us again. Don’t wait and contact us today!

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  • High Quality Truck and Trailer Repair
  • Competitive Pricing and Affordable Rates
  • Dedicated to Your Satisfaction!


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